What is Minimalistic Fashion and Why Should You Go for It?

Our wardrobes and clothes are somethings that are deeply personal to us. The clothes and accessories that we put on, the fashion trends that we choose to follow and the statements that we attempt to make out of them can reveal a lot about our personality and also act as a reflection of our true selves. Our clothes are also an integral part of our identity and even communicate our values, status and interest to the world around us.

Therefore, there is no "right way" of dressing up. With that said, you should be able to make choices that are best for you.

Fashion can get pretty expensive. If you are spending mountains of money just on fashionable clothes, it can seriously affect your livelihood, because fashion also changes rapidly.

Shelling out large sums of money on clothes is not the only way to look good. There are other ways too; like choosing to go for evergreen fashion trends or opting for minimalistic fashion.

Minimalistic Fashion – The Statement of Simplicity


If you love reading fashion blogs or you like to stay on top of fashion trends, then minimalistic fashion is something that you would have heard a lot. But what exactly is “minimalistic fashion”?

Minimalistic fashion refers to those clothes that are not too funky and are simple while being mostly monochromatic. You might confuse this with casual wear because even casual clothes can be simple, monochromatic and crisp. What sets the two apart is the intricate and high-quality tailoring.

At first glance, you might feel that minimalistic fashion is too bland and boring. But there are things you can do to make your clothing collection versatile and stylish, yet simple and affordable without sacrificing your style and zing!

Shades of Grey


Clothes of different shades of grey are the most popular and sought-after ones when going for a minimalistic look. They include everything from plain jet-black tops and bottoms to bright white solid-coloured tops and bottoms.

For a stylish minimal look, you can go with the classy combination of jet-black pants with white or light grey tops. If you wish to switch it up, you can do that as well and wear a lighter shade of grey pants with dark shades of grey tops that accentuate your upper torso.

Another popular take by several fashion gurus and celebrities all over the world is white on white or black on black.

Wearing all-white clothing certainly sets you apart from the crowd. You will look bright and radiant.

All black clothing is also very popular as it radiates boldness and confidence all over the place! Above all, all-black clothing is not simply stylish and classy but will also look good in almost any kind of social setting. So, if you are confused about what to wear to look up to the minute, then going for a black-on-black look is a no brainer!

Effortlessly Stylish Shirts


Moving on from simple muted colours, minimal fashion clothing also encompasses some steezy and vibrant coloured shirts.

When you look for shirts online or in offline shirts, you often come across the regular striped or checked ones. Although they may be competent, it is a league of its own. The shirts that we are exploring here are coloured, but they are monochromatic.

Rather than having too many colours, vibrant minimal shirts are composed entirely of a single colour, and in rare cases two colours where one shade dominates the other.

Take, for example, Venfield’s Contra Colour Shirts. The entire collection is composed of 8 stunning colours, and each shirt has only one colour. The choice of fabric and tailoring is of the highest standards. All of these traits make all the shirts of this collection a stunning addition to the closet of a minimal fashion lover!

Getting More Out of Less


Minimalism, above all, is getting more value by spending less money and resources.

A lot of people spend loads of money from their monthly salary on just buying clothes that keep them on top of fashion trends. In reality, the best way to sustainable stay on top of trends is to adopt a lifestyle that is not as dynamic. A minimal wardrobe collection can easily last you several years, unlike a funky collection that will go bland in a few weeks or months!

Minimal fashion does not just stop at money. It goes above and beyond!

When you opt for a lifestyle of minimalism and minimal clothing, you also lower your carbon footprint and contribute to the environment. As you might already know, the fashion industry is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Therefore, minimal fashion is one of the best ways to start living sustainably.


Minimalistic fashion is not simple clothing. It is very complicated and intricated clothing made simple. And that, in itself, is an art!

Minimal fashionwear is also not always monochromatic or neutral colours. Even colours like in the Contra Colour Collection of Venfield, that evoke strong emotions, can be minimal as long as their overall look is not too complicated, cluttered or disorienting.

So, for a new look every day at no extra cost, while adding to the environment, you should go for minimalistic fashion today!

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