5 Must-Have Jeans in Every Guy's Closet!

If there is one thing that every guy wears it would be jeans. Jeans were discovered by accident in the 1800s, and now the jeans business is worth a mind boggling 60 billion dollars annually! When you put on a pair of striking jeans, you also carry with you, parts of French, Italian and American history.

Over the years, jeans have become an integral piece of clothing in every man’s closet. In one of the previous blogs, we saw the different types of jeans you could start rocking in 2021.

Although stylish and banger pieces of clothing are a sight to behold, they are not the best ones for everyday use. Moreover, since everybody has a different taste, some stylish pieces of clothing could appear as nothing more than a design flaw for some.

Therefore, every man, young and old, have to have a pair of jeans that are not simply stylish and good looking, but also timeless and are evergreen fashion statements! Here are the top five must-have jeans in every guy's closet.

  • Bold Black Jeans
  • Deep Dark Blue Jeans
  • Distressed Denims
  • Light Wash Denims
  • Wonderful White Jeans

Bold Black Jeans


Jet black slim fit jeans can never put you to shame in any public setting. They are bold, stunning, striking and yet they are subtle and can blend into any environment.

You can pair these with very light or very dark coloured tops. Whatever floats your boat. For layering up, black leather or faux leather jackets will take your aesthetics to the next level!

Since the black colour is subtle, it is also ideal for any body type. Some have longer legs while some have thicker thighs. Black slim fit jeans compensate for all body types and make a man look his best!

Keep in mind that the black jeans mentioned here are just that – black! No fades or fancy additions like rips and stitches. Perfect jet black jeans are so subtle that hardly anybody is going to notice them even if you wear them continuously for multiple days but still do a great job of complementing your look as a whole.

Deep Dark Blue Jeans


This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “jeans pants”. These classic dark wash jeans have existed from the dawn of the jeans' time and have never been outdated.

When getting yourself a pair of dark blue denims, do not bother much about the kind of wash, because getting the right fit is the most important.

You can pair this pair of jeans with virtually any clothes. From super casual clothing to semi-formal clothing, they have got you covered. You can wear some funky sneakers or you could put on some dressing shoes, if you are into those.

As for layering up, deep dark blue jeans go well with blazers, faux leather jackets, denim jackets or regular hoodies.

Distressed Denims


Distressed denims are more suited for everyday casual use. If you are the kind of person who simply resents things that are way too plain but you also want a pair of jeans that you can comfortably wear no matter the place or occasion, then buying distressed denims are the way to go.

Distressed denims come in various shades starting from dark washed black to light washed blue or even white. They add a little bit of style and attitude in your everyday looks. Pair your distressed denim jeans pants with some contrasting t-shirts and a simple pair of shades for a killer casual streetwear look!

Layering up distressed denims is also not a hassle as long as you are going for a casual or street-like look. A simple hoodie or casual jackets get the job done pretty well.

Light Wash Denims


Light wash denims are very easy going and as a judgement-free as they can get. If a lazy stylist woke up one day and chose to make a stylish pair of jeans, this would be it!

Although they make for the perfect look in the summer season, the truth is that they look amazing throughout the year!

Since these denims are lightly washed, it is very hard to find extremely contrasting colours for them. This could be a great advantage. You can put on any coloured top or any colour shoes while wearing these jeans and slay the look!

Choosing accessories or sneaker colours for these jeans is an absolute no brainer.

Wonderful White Jeans


This is a controversial topic right here mainly because most men just do not have the courage to put them on comfortable. That is because white jeans attract stains like flowers attract bees! However, if your lifestyle is careful enough and you do not find yourself in dirty places often, then a wonderful pair of solid white jeans pants are going to be your signature addition to your jeans collection! They will make your entire outfit pop; make you look lighter and brighter.

The best part of these jeans is that they are one of the very rare clothing pieces that could complement both casual as well as formal looks. While the black jeans are amazing but very subtle, the white jeans are anything but subtle. You can be sure to get some eyes rolling when you are wearing a banger pair of white jeans pants!


These five jeans are a must-have in every guy's closet! So, the next time you have to run to a place, don't spend 2 hours going through your collection of denims. Simply grab one of these five and be confident that they are going to make your look like you own the world!

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