The White shirt — Assuring your affirmative best!

Every man around the world will have a white shirt proudly peeking through this closet. Well, if not, then read more about why you are clearly out of the fashion game!

There is always a time when the wearer has to either look his mature best or when he has to flaunt his coolest charisma, and what best can accentuate his look if not for a white shirt.

This dominant piece of garment that was once the symbol of the wealthy gentleman justifies the idiom – the “White-collar job”. But the scenario has extensively changed over time for every man out there with its look, now diversifying and representing a powerful statement.

So what does a white talk about the personality of the man?

So -what -does -a -white -talk- about- the- personality -of -the- man?


The best fit that makes justice season after season

The best- fit -that- makes- justice- season -after- season

A cool all-time favourite, the whites can easily help to dress it down and up! You can sport a white shirt comfortably on almost any social occasion. From business meetings to casual outings, dinner dates, attending weddings or even wearing it for your own wedding, this all-purpose white-hued shirt is indeed a classic choice. Reflecting the image of your organization, it clearly talks business when dressed up for a professional outlook.

How to style up with a white shirt?

How- to- style -up -with -a- white -shirt?

White shirts can be styled in a myriad of ways creating an effortless impression reflecting a positive connotation. It pulls out a great fit with any styling provided you choose the right size and neck type. The Quality of the garment and the versatility of styling determine how valued your look radiates. The coloured pants are the best complements for whites.

Check out the below combinations that go best with the majestic white shirt. 

1- A crew neck white shirt with black jean or multi-hued slim-fit jeans.
2- A white formal shirt with a jacket or blazer or a suit.
3- Plain white V-neck T-shirt with shorts.
4- Plain white polo T-shirts with shorts or trousers.
5- Crew neck with Dungarees.

How to choose an impeccably tailored white T-shirt?

How to choose- an- impeccably -tailored- white- T-shirt?

Get your basics right to portray your best. The biggest guidelines to choose a perfect fit are the choice of fabric and its cut. 

The appropriate weave- The hue has made cotton desirable to a huge extent as it is a stronger weave and you will end up with a garment that is long-lasting, crisp, smooth, durable and the most comfortable to wear. Stretch shirts that include synthetic fibres or lycra create a stretch with every wash, break down easily with bleach, and defiles its shape.

Styling– The neckline, cut, length and fit differs from brand to brand and to choose the best fit, it’s imperative you know your size and shape. Choose a shirt that sits against your shoulder at the right angle where it meets your arm. It should not pull under your armpits and should be easy to move around. The length of the shirt should be up to your mid-fly.

Fashion fads around the globe keep changing with times — but one that has longevity eternally is the evergreen white’s.

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