The guide to wearing a check shirt

A checked shirt is definitely a box-ticking staple when it comes to men’s wardrobe-essentials. With its infinite combinations for every occasion as much as year-round versatility, it is the complementary counterpart to the classic white shirt and never seems to tire as it can be worn on a date, weekend, or in the office.
Styling with checked shirts has no bounds or rules. If styled precisely, every check shirt has the potential to project an empowering look. As there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing check shirts; we know that you can easily get lost in them.
Check out this guide on mastering the art of styling a checked shirt and you will be the talk of your gang in no time!

Size matters:

Size -matters

If you are looking forward to creating a casual appearance, then you should pick a shirt with large checks. You can seamlessly establish the classic lumberjack look with large check patterns. If you have a date night ahead, it would be best to stick with smaller checks.
Larger check patterns can bring a more relaxed feel whereas smaller checks will have a more formalized layout. Smaller-sized checks suit better for slim guys and so they can also match with office wear.



When it comes to choosing colors for your outfit, there is an unwritten rule: Less is more formal. One could find a variety of eye-catching colors in a lumberjack shirt and hence it established an informal look.
If you want to bring out a formal look, go with a dark-colored check shirt with chinos. You can also go with full button closure and add a smart coat to it.



The thickness of a shirt is often overlooked by the masses but it plays a significant role in determining the look. Checked shirts can be worn all year round but the versatility of material is something that you should look into.
If you are styling a checked shirt during colder months, opt for flannel shirts. You can match it over a plain t-shirt and can also be used as a jacket. Stay away from flannel shirts in the summer season. Take out the breathable, light cotton shirts from your closet.
Check shirts are a timeless wonder and add a unique character for men. To avoid any fashion bloopers and an air of nonchalance in your daily life, here are some curated tips that will help you in time.

Friday-The causal wear day:

Friday-The -causal -wear -day

If you are aiming to impress your colleagues on Friday, try a dark tartan check shirt. Sit back and let your style do the rest. 

Casual night out:

Casual -night -out

If you are a party person or a socially active bee, roll up the sleeves of your casual checked shirt and pair it with a pair of khakis.

The perfect business-casual look:

The- perfect- business-casual- look

There are some meetings that demand you be in a perfect business-casual look. You can match a button-down collar shirt with navy blue pants to be more appealing.

Pairing your trousers:

Pairing- your -trousers

If you choose to wear a checked shirt, go for solid color chinos. Striped or checked trousers will not elevate your look and can rather do the opposite.

Look for similar patterns:

Look- for -similar -patterns

Although check shirts gain attention instantly from the masses, you might lose the effect you are aiming for in the long run. If you are aiming to get check shirts that suit every occasion, you are stepping into deep waters.
Minute patterns on your check shirt will make significant differences and hence stashing your wardrobe with similar patterns will not do any good.

Summing up:

Be brave enough to clash patterns and experiment with them in front of a mirror, before you wreck your look in public. Despite the plethora of options available within a bunch of intersecting lines and colors, you can be the guy who never has a bad day when it comes to styling.
The geometric simplicity of checks can be paired by the infinite colors and subtly delivers a strong statement. If you got the ideal collection of check shirts in your wardrobe, then nothing can stop you from flaunting a killer look.

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