Rocking Men's Outfits for Social Media Posts

Men’s fashion used to be folklore, with the consensus stating men do not care about fashion the same way as women. However, with the recent surge in the Online and Virtual mediums, men’s fashion is taking a massive leap in sales. With the #mensfashion hashtag being used 38% more than any other Social Media tag, it is one of the best places to find new products and figure out the ongoing fashion trends.
This exponential growth in Men’s fashion serves as a platform to sell their clothing products in their Instagram store. The male models post visually appealing posts of the outfits. They curate it with proper editing.
A few must-haves wardrobe collections for the Men who tend to post a lot on their Social media, from Blazers to Hoodies. A few to mention are


Tailored Suits

Every guy loves to wear completely customized tuxedos and suits. It gives elegance to their looks and strengthens their body structure. Classic or Vanguard, whatever your style may be, a Tuxedo never lets you down at an evening party. Suits and Tuxedos are available in various fabrics, and paired with a proper black oxford might turn eyes.




Even if you already own a suit, a blazer would give you the variety in your wardrobe to bend the limits. A classic navy/blue blazer can be paired with a graphic t-shirt and faded jeans for concerts, dates, and casual meetings and with a dark t-shirt and light chinos/pants as business wears.


Hoodies & Sweatshirts

   Hoodies -&- Sweatshirts

Hoodies and Sweatshirts could be worn anytime and is hassle-free attire. Apart from being just a fashion statement, it is comfortable and could go with any clothing type, be it joggers, jeans, jumpers, etc. They are highly versatile and also are souvenirs to gift to closed ones.


Solid Colored Shirts

 Solid -Colored- Shirts

To spice things up in their social media posts, influencers follow the current trend of using solid coloured shirts, preferably black and white, and style it up with jeans. It’s simple, highly appealing, and comfortable to wear.




The go-to wear for every guy out there, from kids to college students to working professionals, good faded jeans are always on their shopping cart. It is highly versatile and can go with almost anything. Paired up with a good pair of sneakers, men can just go everywhere with it. The varieties and customizations are just endless from various colours, to different rise to various fits, it can fit every man’s need.


Pairing Up Clothes

Pairing Up Clothes

Style trends are popping everywhere in the post-covid world in 2021. This is the best time to equip yourself with style trends that dominate. Fashion influencers like Alex Costa, Jose Zuniga are pioneers in helping men find their sublime outfits to post on Social Media. Here are a few styles that could up your style game on your upcoming posts.


Leather Jackets

   Leather- Jackets

Since getting out of the house is on the move again, pairing a Black Leather Jacket with a flannel shirt and jeans is an eye-turner. Adding some boots to the attire could intensify it even further. This can be worn in casual meetings, dates, parties, and even on vacation and it could straight up go into your Instagram feed.


Bomber Jackets and T-shirts

Bomber -Jackets -and T-shirts

Bomber Jackets provide a lot of varieties and styles this time. Colours like burgundy, tan, and olive can give you an edgy look on your feed. Mixing and matching them with white or black solid t-shirts and a pair of sneakers could up your style game by a huge margin. And this trend is here to stay.


Vintage Tees

Vintage -Tees

Vintage tees are back in action, with a lot of graphic tees popping up the feed. They give the classic vibe, and with a proper fit with chinos or jeans, you can customize it with almost anything.


Feminine and Masculine Vibe

   Feminine -and -Masculine Vibe

With Harry Styles being a forerunner in introducing this fashion trend, this trend is picking its pace in 2021. It can be achieved by Feminine colour as your top, preferably rose, pink or violet shirts matched with masculine colours as your bottoms like jeans, chinos, or even pyjamas.


The Turtle Neck

The- Turtle -Neck

If you are a tall person, then a turtle neck is a must-have in your wardrobe. It adds layers to your attire and gives a complete look. Preferable colours to go would be black, grey, or even khaki, and paired with grey or black jeans with Chelsea boots, and the attire would look complete and would spark a lot of interest in your feed.


The Hassle Attire

The -Hassle -Attire

If you’re out of time and still want to look good, then joggers must be your go-to. With a couple of layers of jackets and shirts with it, you would look shockingly incredible. A pair of glasses and watches to it, and it is prone to rock other people’s feeds.


The Athleisure Look

The -Athleisure -Look

With gyms and public places being opened, there is an influx of people joining gyms and engaging in workouts or jogging. Even here, fashion plays a key role. Athletic long sleeves show a more muscular appearance. Wearing 7-inch shorts helps in performing the exercise as it helps to complete the range of motion. Or pairing athleisure shirts with tailored joggers can make your appearance more dominant.



Rocking your feed on Social Media is not just about the clothes but also the attitude you wear them with. With Men’s fashion booming in social media, it is the right time for you to up your style game with a lot of mixing and matching and a lot of trial and error. The way you carry yourself while wearing them makes the real difference for it to be an eye turner.
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