Place, Person and Occasion : Choosing the right fabric

When you decide to purchase shirt or trousers, what is the first thing you think about?
While the colour and fit of the garment are extremely important, it is also important that you spend adequate time choosing the fabric. Right from warm woollen materials, to the sunny cottons, a wide range of fabrics is available.
Some of the factors that need to be taken into account while selecting the fabric are the climate of the place where it will be worn, the event it will be worn for, whether you are comfortable donning the fabric, and most importantly the ease of fabric handling. Here is Venfield’s list of 5 fabrics, and their uses:



Cotton is the most popular fabric used in hot and humid places. It is the perfect fabric for outdoor use in torrid environments. While this fabric is soft, absorbs sweat and keeps the body cool, it gets crumpled easily and requires frequent washing and ironing. Since the material requires a lot of maintenance, it does not last long unless maintained under pristine conditions. However, cotton can be mixed with other fabrics to obtain fabrics that are extremely easy to use and comfortable.



Once considered flashy, silk is increasingly being used in day to day wear. While it is relatively expensive and difficult to maintain, it gives the wearer a classy and regal appearance. Since silk is heavy, it is unsuitable for outdoor events, and is best suited for short, formal, indoor events. The quality and texture of silk can be maintained by dry cleaning. 



A big NO in warm climes and a resounding yes in colder places, Woollen shirts (especially plaid) are extremely fashionable. However, this warm material can trigger allergies, and can shrink when soaked in water. Expert care is essential to ensure the long and fruitful life of your woollen jacket or shirt.



This fibre woven from the husk of the flax seed is best suited for warm and sweaty climates. It absorbs a lot of moisture and dries up quickly, making you feel comfortable almost instantly. It seldom causes any allergy, has a long life and is very functional. The downside, however, is linen like cotton can get crumpled easily. Additionally, it is not considered to be formal, and hence cannot be worn for suit and tie events.



The newest entrant to the group of fabrics, Polyester is long lasting and resistant to wrinkly. Despite it seemingly being considered the perfect choice of material, polyester also has its downsides. For one, it will melt when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, it may stick to the skin and make a person feel uncomfortable if worn in warm regions.

Choosing the right fabric:

Choosing- the- right- fabric

As mentioned earlier, the occasion, place, season, and person are all important factors that play a key role in choosing the fabric.
In summers, silk and wool are best avoided for outdoor events. A cotton t-shirt or a light linen shirt can be worn for informal occasions, while solid coloured t-shirts or formal cotton shirts, coupled with a blazer can be worn for formal events. If the venue is airconditioned, silk may be worn.
On the other hand, in cold climates silk and wool are you perfect choices for formal wear, irrespective of whether in the event is indoors or outdoors. Layering (wearing a shirt/t-shirt with a coat or multiple coats on top) is a great way to be versatile, while being prepared for uncertain temperatures at the same time.
If you play a sport, or are into fitness, polyester is a great fabric for exercise time and informal occasions. However, ensure that you wash polyester in a mild detergent frequently, as the smell of polyester can be annoying (to you and others).

Mix and Match:

Mix- and- Match

If you want to spruce up your cotton shirt for a formal party or event, a silk tie is a great accessory. The same holds good for other fabrics too. Similarly, if you don’t want to go all woollen, you can wear on your shirt to spruce the outfit.
Pick the choice of clothing reflecting your personality from Venfield and be assured that your clothes will speak for you, wherever you go.

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