Let us start with a less-known fact of shirts: Shirts were predominantly used as undergarments till the dawn of 12th century. As centuries evolved, fashion evolved and shirts evolved to be all kinds – formal, casual, fancy and what not. There were times where the shirts were nothing but plain white linen or cotton or silk with just a change in the stitching pattern like long shirts, shirts with embroidery and frills. But as modern era seeped in, the colours of shirts were introduced and to make it more interesting the fashion designers started throwing in all sort of patterns which we will be looking in detail in the upcoming sections. 

The patterns are simple, classy and sometimes a combination to spice up men’s fashion from the usual solids. The more the patterns, the more the choices and the more the demand! 

Let’s take a look at the different type of fabric patterns on shirts ruling men’s fashion: 

⦁ Stripes:

The stripes have been men’s favourite for a long period now. Explaining a shirt as just ‘striped shirt’ would do so much injustice to the shirt and the designer behind it! 
⦁ Awning Stripe: 

Suitable for a relaxing and casual setup, the awning as the name implies has broader stripes like the shadow from the sunshade, with dominating white background and solid stripes running at a thickness of more than a quarter inch.  
Bengal Stripe: 

Originated from Bengal, the quarter-inch solid stripes are equally spaced on white. These shirts are a blend of casual and formal and usually comes in very subtle colours. 
Candy Stripe: 

The handsome vertical and even stripes measuring about one-eighth make your meetings better with bold and solid colour used in the shirts. The pattern is inspired by the stripes found on candy bars. 
Pencil Stripe: 

The name Pencil Stripe is often interchangeable with Dress Stripes. They look just like the lines drawn by a pencil and spaced almost unevenly with more white revealing than the colour. 
Pin Sripet: 

The most common and appealing pattern, not only shirts but also trousers and suits, with sharp and clear vertical lines running over the shirt in the endearing pinstripes. Thinner than Pencil Stripes, they are spaced at wider intervals for a serene professional look. 
⦁ Hairline Stripe: 

Yet another blend of formal and casual shirt pattern – The hairline stripe as the name indicates are spaced as closely as the hairline and offers a complete solid texture making the stripes immerse in it completely. 
⦁ Barcode Stripe: 

Barcode Stripe

Just like a barcode with varied sizes of stripes and space, the different tones of the same colour palette is used to make the impression on shirts giving us the barcode stripes. 

⦁ Shadow Stripe: 

Shadow Stripe

With two coloured stripes placed adjacent to each other, they create a shadowing effect and can be of varying width!  

⦁ Checks: 

Don’t we all love some checks? Small, big, multi-coloured they always find a way to our hearts and make us flaunt our style in the public. 

⦁ Gingham:


A combination of white and coloured even-sized checks is the versatile Gingham Checks. Goes with both formal and casual setup. 

⦁ Madras: 

Originated from Madras – now Chennai, this vibrant and fun-filled multi-coloured uneven checks often lifts the spirits of summer. 

⦁ Plaid: 


A mess of horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other to form tartan plaid checks in simple and less number of colour tones than the Madras checks.

⦁ Shepherd Checks: 

Shepherd Checks

Standing out it with its distinctive twill weave fabric, it is similar to Gingham checks with the colour palette and pattern. 

⦁ Hound’s-Tooth: 


An extraordinary affair of threads and fabric happens here to portray the checks into broken and pointed lines resembling a hound’s tooth in solid colour tones. Highly suitable for friendly gatherings. 

⦁ Windowpane: 


Considered as the appropriate formal shirt, it is made of conventional colour tones, the lines cross each other at a broader interval to form the pattern like a windowpane. 

⦁ Graph check: 

Graph check

Reminding us of all the simple times where graphs were plotted in sheets, this pattern depicts smaller even checks in thin coloured stripes. 

⦁ Paisley: 

Paisley, the popular patterns from the ’60s gained its momentum and there was no going back after that. Adorned with bright-coloured patterns – mostly floral and foliage, it takes after the name of the Scottish town it is originated from! These patterns on a button-up shirt have received positive outlooks and embraced for a fun setting. 

⦁ Polka Dots: 

Polka Dots
Yet another contemporary pattern which was thought as feminine has now received the crown among men’s fashion. It goes along with a variety of colours and bestows uniqueness on every shirt with its distribution of pattern. It also creates a bespoken style that makes the polka dot shirts fitting for any business, casual or every day wear! 

Mix and match the shirt patterns with similar or multiple patterns of tie, trousers and suits to make a bold style statement. Mix the patterns to even match it with formal, casual and smart-casual style! The colours play a vital role too – choose wisely to be an instant head-turner and flamboyant with minimal efforts. It all lies in the knowledge of these quirky and classic patterns.

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