How to Pair Blazers with Formal Clothes?

Let us get it out there for once. Formal clothing options for men are extremely limited. There is only so much a man can think of when choosing formals. Do you agree?
Many men love to dress up, even if it is to work or a formal event, just as much as any other gender. Unfortunately, with the limited options available, you need to think out of the box and get creative with what you have at your disposal.
In the previous blog, we addressed the question that bothers every man at some point in life - "How to pair blazers with casual clothes?" In this article, we will explore how you should consider pairing your various blazers with your formal outfits depending on the occasion, time of the day and personality.

Strikingly Rich – Monotone Blazer, Vest and Pant

Strikingly -Rich – Monotone -Blazer- Vest- and- Pant

Are you off to a classy formal business get together at a grand hotel? Are you going to meet a VIP in another country in an effort to close a deal? Or are you simply attending a TV interview talking about your professional life? If you checked any of those boxes, then you probably want to appear like a millionaire who knows what he is doing. So, how can you go about doing that with your outfit?
To pull off this look wear a satin-finished blazer of any colour like white, black or navy blue. Underneath your blazer wear a vest and pants of the same colour. However, wear a shirt of contrasting colour, and the colour of the tie should also match the shade of your shoes.

Authoritative – Pinstripe Blazers and Regular Formal Wear

Authoritative – Pinstripe -Blazers -and- Regular -Formal -Wear

Are you addressing a crowd on a public stage or simple motivating your team at work? Are you organizing an event or supervising the organizers? No matter what you do, if you are in a formal setting and in a position that demands a display of authority, decisiveness and experience, then opting for a pinstripe blazer with comfortable formal wear like bamboo cotton shirts and pants is the way forward.
If you wish to get this look right then do not forget these essential ingredients; comfortable shirts, tie, belt and cufflinks.
The pinstripe blazers give off a vibe of maturity, refined taste and authority. Pairing it with regular formals sends the message that you are a self-aware man. When you top off the look with a pair of cufflinks, like the ones at Venfield, you are truly going to stand apart in the room!

Casually Formal – Light Shade Blazers with Bright Formals

Casually Formal – Light -Shade- Blazers -with-Bright- For-mals

For most managers, directors and board members, casual Fridays, and casual weeks are a myth. Due to their position in the company, they are often obliged to wear formal clothes no matter what. So, how can you pull off the casual vibe while still wearing formals like blazers, shirts and ties?
The trick here is to wear light shade blazers because conventionally formal blazers come in darker shades like black, grey or navy. So, wear an off-white or a light pink blazer. Pair these blazers with slightly contrasting pants like white or blue formal pants. Keep the shirt subtle and the tie contrasting as well.
For the bottom half, wear a simple belt and probably choose to put on some suede shoes.

Ceremonious – Out of the Ordinary Colours of Blazers

Ceremonious – Out- of -the -Ordinary -Colours -of -Blazers

If you are attending an official ceremony, your formal outfit should look both formal and ceremonial. Under such situations, go for blazer colours that are out of the ordinary, like olive green or tangerine! Wear the same colour pants but a contrasting shirt.
Accessorize your look with cufflinks, ties, watches and tie pins.

Million Dollar Date – Blazers with Semi Formals

Million -Dollar -Date – Blazers- with -Semi -Formals

Here comes the biggest dilemma of them all - "I am meeting a client tomorrow at a coffee shop in the hopes of closing a deal. Should I wear casuals to blend into the environment, or should I wear formals to reflect business?"
Such times can be extremely confusing, and when the stakes are high, confusing can pretty soon turn into terrifying! So, what do you wear on such occasions?
The answer is simple, wear semi-formals and top it off with a handsome blazer! You could wear a brown blazer over a light button-up shirt and white pant. Remember to leave your tie back home this time. If you wish, you can stretch your semi-formal look further to forgo the shirt and put on a polo t-shirt underneath the gorgeous blazer.


When you get creative, men’s fashion can truly be as limitless as any other!
If you are on the lookout for the next amazing outfit for your business wear collection, then explore Venfield now!

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