How to choose the right neckline to amp your T-shirt look?

Comfort in clothing is what defines the state of mind for many! Whether you are hitting the gym or lounging on your sofa, the attire you most probably would choose is a T-shirt for the level of comfort it offers.
But how many of you can differentiate T-shirts by their name? Well, it’s not rocket science for sure to differentiate it! All you need to know are its various necklines and cuts.
Over the years a number of T-shirts have evolved and it’s not that hard to nail the look if you know the various necklines associated with it. By just changing the necklines, you can transform a look from casual wear to a formal look.
Well, then why wait, read on and dive on into its variations.

Crew Neck 


Crew -Neck 

The garment that dates back to the Spanish-American war was a simple undershirt that was also called the “Gob shirt” with a round neckline and no collar. Today, this T-shirt is famously called the crew-neck that are worn on their own or layered underneath another shirt. They help draw attention to your face and broad shoulders and looks great on people with a long neck.



In trend from the 1960s, the V-neck is a craze amongst men and women. The depth of “V” comes in various sizes, and depending on the body types, you can choose accordingly that accentuates your look. V-necks are suitable for most occasions and work well regardless of whether you have broad or narrow shoulders. Modest V-necks are best suited for a professional look whereas a plunging neckline (Deep V-necks) can be used for a casual outing, a date or get together.

Polo T-Shirt

Polo -T-Shirt

 A highly versatile version of the T-shirts that were made famous by the Golf players, it is perfect for all informal events. It also emanates a formal look when adorned with the right style of buttons on them. It works perfect for men with a lean frame look, though it also suits well for all body types.

Scoop Neck

Scoop -Neck

Another variation of the crew neck, this round neckline that is deeper and wider hangs a few inches below the collarbone. These shirts are versatile enough to be worn for any occasions and can come in various variations of deeper scoop necks. It offers an urban look as they are universally flattering.  

Henley Y / Y T-Shirt

Henley -Y / Y T-Shirt

Considered as a hybrid of the crew and V- neckline T-shirts, it has a slit with buttons placed several inches deep and its aesthetics differ depending on the number and placement of buttons on it. A perfect choice for a well-built muscular chest, this is the perfect attire for the macho.

Boat Neck

Boat -Neck

This style of T-shirt is similar to the crew neck except that the neckline is wider at the sides and tends to fall just below the collarbone. It is apt for almost every setting as it is a tad more modest than the V-neck or deeper neckline with its high level of coverage.
A tradition for almost a century now from a workwear staple to a decisive style statement, this exceptionally crafted piece of fabric holds a mandatory abode in every man’s wardrobe.
Despite its exceeding popularity, it’s still tough to find the perfect fit. So next time you are on the shopping spree, experiment your look at Venfield that offers the best collections with a few of the tips presented here.

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