The day of the year where Cupid is the busiest shooting his love arrows from above to those seeking love, mending the arrows for those with broken hearts and smiling over those who take care of the arrows like their own. You guessed it right, the Valentine’s Day, the most commercial holiday celebrated around the world! With chocolates, greeting cards, flowers and balloons to romantic getaways and proposals, no matter the size of the gesture, Love is Love and is always worth celebrating any day and every day. With the pink and red hearts and delightful fragrance in the air what makes February 14th the most special? And this year it is definitely going to be different than others and Venfield makes it even more special, which we will be seeing in the later sections.

A little backstory first: 


As we go back to the 3rd Century, Roman Emperor Claudius II banned young men soldiers from marrying, to make them more devoted to Rome and winning wars! However the man of the hour, St Valentine was completely against the idea and started marrying soldiers to the love of their life in secrecy. Eventually, he was caught by the Emperor and was imprisoned.
It was then St Valentine himself fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. As days went by, he cured her blindness and on the day of his execution, February 14, 270, wrote a love letter to her, signing ‘From your Valentine’, which sparked the idea of millions of greeting cards in the later years. And this day as we know today is celebrated the Valentine’s Day for the idea of true love and paying respects to St Valentine!

The Day of Romantic Gifts: 


Valentine’s Day is not complete if you haven’t exchanged a single gift with your partner. People around the world go crazy to get the perfect gift for their partners. Starting from handmade cards to custom created rings and clothing, we get as creative as we can be. As you step out this year with your partner to enjoy the day at your favourite hangout spot or a vacation, Venfield helps you in celebrating in a safer and better way. How do you ask? The Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Special Masks! 

For The Two Hearts That Beat As One: 


The pandemic has spiked a lot of fashion trends, including getting creative with your masks. You would have heard of matching couple tees, but what about matching couple masks? Venfield got you covered! Our 3 Layered Valentine’s Day Special Masks comes with a pack of 2 masks of minimal black and white colour and bold red cute heart. Marked with the infinity symbol, the red heart depicts the love of the couple entwined for infinity! Go out in style with our Anti-Bacterial masks offering 3 times the protection and surprise your Valentine in their favourite spot. Feel the comfort against your face as they are 100% cotton, coming with elasticated loops and let it never come in the way of your romance! Wear these lovelies not only on this special day but whenever you go out as a couple to flaunt your love as they are washable and reusable.

For The Bold & Heads Up with Pride: 


We are Loud & Proud in celebrating the Love without any indifferences and hence our 3 layered Pride Special Masks. Made in serene white colour of 100% pure cotton, the symbol of LGBTQ – pretty rainbows are printed on this pack of 2 Anti-Bacterial masks. The rainbow depicts the beautiful diversity and charm of the LGBTQ community coming in all races, ages and gender along with the different colours signifying the elements of nature, art, health, harmony and spirit of togetherness! Venfield’s original Pride Special Masks incorporates the same and celebrates the protection by being apart yet close with safe three-layered masks at a high level of air filtration. Go eco-friendly and sustainable this Valentine’s day with our washable and reusable cotton masks.

For The Stags and Galantines: 


For all those singles, waiting for the Cupid’s arrow to hit you we hear you. Valentine’s Day is for you to celebrate as much as the couples, that is why our specially curated Valentine’s Day Singles Edition 3 Layered Masks is here to spice your day up and look for the love of your life as you go out partying with your fellow stags and galentines! Our exclusive anti-fog masks are designed to wear along with your coolers or spectacles and get a clear vision as you search for your partner in the crowd. The anti-bacterial properties keep you safe and make you laugh out loud at your crush’s hilarious jokes, mentally scoring! Let the crowd swoon over your pal and gal gang as our pack of 3 masks in black, white and red colours comes with a bold “Single and Available” Print and keeps you comfortable throughout the day and night with the soft elasticated loops. Hit the floor and party hard with this limited edition masks.

As love is in the air, celebrate the day with this inevitable feeling of being cared and loved not only by your partner but by your family and friends too. It gives the opportunity to teach your young ones about the importance of love and caring about others. With Venfield celebrate love with much pomp and pride and splendour and safety!     


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