Denim at Work – The Right Ways to Wear Jeans for Business Casuals

Keeping it casual at work can be a confusing task, especially if you are trying your hand at it for the first time around. You keep hitting a roadblock and second-guessing your pairing choices to a point where you would just want to stick to standard business attires.
We can help you nail your business casual look by letting you in on a few basic rules or tips that will blur the line of doubt. With the rise in inclusive corporate culture that encourages employees to be comfortable rather than formal, look crisp and ready to take on a super-productive day!
Let's look at a few popular jean combinations that can't go wrong.

Sports Jacket for the Sleek Look

Sports -Jacket- for -the- Sleek Look

 Picture this – a versatile, light, and unstructured sports jacket with blue jeans and the right pair of shoes is a clear sign that you are dressing up even when keeping it relaxed and laid-back. Choose your fabric right! You can go from corduroy to cotton twill, depending on your preference. While at it, pay attention to the detailing – your jacket can’t hold the same criss-cross detailing as the jean. It might give off a close-to-uniform rather than casual look.

A blazer can be an elegant pick!

A -blazer- can- be- an -elegant -pick!

The boxier, more structured cut with pair of blue jeans is a well-sorted combination these days. The clash between the formal yet modern blazer with the laid-back jeans can be tricky yet hit the mark if done right. The best way to get this right is by choosing a light-toned blazer or a less traditional color tone of jeans, whichever resonates with your style.

Consider a Dress Shirt

Consider- a -Dress Shirt

If you are not a big fan of suits and jackets, consider upping the game with a well-fitted dress shirt to go with the jeans. Choose a colored or patterned shirt over a plain white shirt and tuck them in to rock the outfit. You can also complement the look with a nice belt that has an interesting buckle. Complete the look with nice leather dressy shoes. 

What kind of Jeans should you choose?

What- kind -of- Jeans -should -you- choose?

Those ill-fitted, work jeans worn by people who indulged in hard, physical labor – ditch that!
When you are aiming for a business casual outlook, it is essential to choose a darker shade of jeans that fits perfectly and tapers to the leg. The color of the jean can range from indigo blue, grey, or black – make sure to keep the jeans dark. Some jeans have contrasting light-colored stitching to them. While they can add an extra layer to the attire - when in business, keep it monochrome.

When should you avoid jeans?

You can judge an occasion with the degree of importance. While a dinner seeks a white-collar dressing, a casual lunch meeting can pave the way for business casuals. If you doubt the importance of the occasion, it is always better to slide with formal wear – after all, it is better to be the best-dressed person in the room, than not.
One thing to keep in mind regardless of the situation is that a few pairings can be major deal breakers in your pairing. Choosing a tie for your casualwear that has jeans in the picture is a strict no. Adding layers to your clothing can help accentuate the look. When you are wearing a structured blazer, adding an accessory like scarves can amp up the look and make you look presentable.

While men are relatively new to the concept of adding jeans to their work wardrobe, it is something that needs exploration. Never refrain from experimenting – you could slowly build your way to be a pro that gets compliments from peers for both your work and look!

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